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For more than 2 decades J. N. Price has been sharing his view of the world through a lens. From backcountry adventures, to photographing political events and wildlife, his work has a wide range. An Eagle Scout, his journey with photography began in part as a youth in Boy Scouts with the photography merit badge when he was 11.  

• In 2005 he was the co-founder along with Cullen A. Marriott of a popular web publication, through his work at the site he also served as a product consultant with over 80 leading brands in the outdoor industry.

• He's at various times been a youth paster, marketing director, field consultant, teacher and educator and a professional in the outdoors industry, as well as teaching photography with a non profit focussed on introducing at risk youth to the arts. 

• In 2011 he suffered a traumatic brain injury along with physical injuries, which left him without the ability to continue his work in photography and led to his leaving the outdoor industry. After more than 2 1/2 years spent studying and reteaching himself with the aid of close friend, documentary photographer Andrew J. Tonn, he was again able to work with a camera in a limited capacity. In 2017 After more than 7 yrs of treatment and multiple operations, He is working on multiple new projects. 

In April 2017 Jef Price founded FieldPhotographer.org along with Andrew J. Tonn and Cullen A. Marriott.

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• Jef is also a contributor at 35MMC